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Free CNA Practice Test Online

We have  build some confidence in answering the questions and to assess yourself on how well you are prepared for the exam. Please scroll to the bottom if you would like to jump straight to the tests. The Nurse Aide Assessment Exam consists of 2 parts, the written portion and the skills portion. In order […]

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A Step in the right direction – Moving from CNA to LPN

If you have found your niche in the medical profession and are currently working as a Certified Nurse’s Assistant then you may be doing some soul searching to find out if you should move a step forward and pursue a L.P.N. license. The Certified Nurse’s Assistant is a valued member of the nursing staff.  The […]

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Travel CNA Job Description

Have you ever been envious of people who get to travel for work?  They hop from place to place and get to see new destinations while they simultaneously earn a living.  Did you know that there are travel positions for Certified Nurse’s Assistants and other members of the medical staff as well?  Before you leap […]

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