LPN Refresher Course – Why and Who is it for?

Like any other skill, the Nursing as a profession requires practice to stay proficient.   This is due in part to the ever evolving advances in the medical industry, the perpetual introduction of new medications and treatments and the boundless development of new technologies.  This state of inconsistency is what often drives us to become nurses in the first place.  No boring careers here.  However, if you find yourself out of practice then you may want to take a refresher course for the LPN/LVN. Below we will explore Who should take the refresher course, why take it and some requirements you need to fulfill should you choose to take it.

Who should take a LPN refresher course?

The LPN refresher course is recommended for nurses who are out of practice.  This can be due to many reasons such as an inactive license or due to the fact you have been out of work for an extended period of time to stay home with children or to meet other family obligations.  You may just simply choose to take a breather.  Not working for prolonged periods of time can be a welcome break but can also put a damper on your confidence and effectiveness as a nurse.  Sometimes an inactive status can affect your hiring ability as it is easier for an employer to hire someone that they don’t have to worry about or spend a lot of time with to bring him / her up to speed regarding new policies, meds and treatments.

What are the requirements and where can I take the course?

You are required to have been licensed within the U.S. and must provide documented proof of this for registration purposes.  You must also provide a copy of your diploma and transcript and provide proof of graduation, a copy of your current CPR certification, and must submit an application of registration.  There is also a fee associated with the course.  This fee may vary from state to state.  The LPN/ LVN refresher course can be taken online and you have one year to complete it at your own pace.  The length of time it takes to complete the course is dependent upon how fast you are able to complete it.

What to look for and other Requirements?

First of all you should look for a course that is approved by NAPNES.  NAPNES stands for the National Association for Practical Nurse Education and Service.  NAPNES is an association which helps to regulate and advocate education, practice and regulation of the LPN / LVN.  You have to meet certain requirements to take a NAPNES approved refresher course.  You must be licensed as an LPN / LVN and you must fall into one of the following categories.  You must be a LPN / LVN previously licensed in the U.S. seeking to activate an inactive license with the period of inactivity to be determined by the state in which you are currently licensed, you are required to complete a refresher course as ordered per the  State Board of Nursing , you have had a lapse in licensure due to a disciplinary action and must  complete a refresher course as ordered per the State Board of Nursing and have met all other criteria to have your license reinstated, or you can simply be looking to expand upon your initial training.

Taking a LPN / LVN is worth the extra effort.  You worked hard to obtain your Nursing License and should feel confident while you are working.  If you feel that your skills or confidence level may be lacking then a refresher course may be just what you need to bring you up to speed.

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