Resources for finding a job as a Certified Nursing Assistant

There are numerous resources available when attempting to secure a position as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA).  The use of newspaper ads, website postings and word of mouth are a few of many that can be very useful.

As a CNA in search of a position, one must first decide what type of facility or home health position they desire to pursue. Other desired criteria may include; shift choice, benefits, hours, part-time or fulltime work, type of facility and location of that facility. The CNA should make a list of what he or she desires in a position.

One of the first resources in finding a lead to a CNA position is word of mouth. The CNA should connect with other CNA’s or familiar nurses to see if their employers are in need of a CNA. The local newspaper employment section in hardcopy or online version can be reviewed for available positions. Most hospitals, nursing facilities and home health agencies now advertise available positions online. The CNA should locate the specific employer’s website and search the available position or Human Resources section of that website. There are numerous online job search engines available that can help to locate available positions by location, desired salary and other criteria. Some of the best job search engines include:


Hospitals Jobs Online:

Find the Right Job:

Attending job fairs is an additional way of finding positions as a CNA. Often, many health care facilities will have their own job fairs for a multitude of positions available. In addition, colleges and universities will also sponsor or hold job fairs. You will have the opportunity to meet with employers that you might not be able to access any other way. Frequently these types of organized fairs or expositions will also have professionals available to offer tips on resume development and interviewing.

Another type of source is utilization of a health care staffing agency. This type of service offers positions that are accompanied by a higher salary as there are usually no benefits provided. Often what evolves from this type of employment is this: A CNA may be assigned to a specific health care facility repeatedly where the staff and management get to know him professionally. If his work ethics are impeccable and the staff and clients like him, the facility may offer him a permanent position. This is a form of networking. It works.

The CNA should prepare a list of his what he desires in a position such as; locations, shift, type of facility, salary, benefits and other related benefits. He should also prepare a list of each position that he applies to in order to keep track of contacts, interviews and who may have referred him to a specific position.

It is very important that there is follow-up with the employer after applying for any new position as a CNA. An application is simply not enough. The CNA must be assertive but not bothersome in selling himself. In addition, interviewing for multiple CNA positions in various facilities is also awarding as it can help to ease the nervousness that may accompany the process. An outstanding interview is key to successful acquisition of a new CNA position.

After you have determined a job opening start working on your resume and cover letter, a good resume can be the difference between getting the call for the interview and sitting at home waiting for the call which is never going to come.

All the very best in your job Hunt!

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