Tips for Writing a Killer LPN Resume

If you are an entry level Licensed Practical Nurse then you are well aware that Nursing is a competitive and challenging field.  You need an equally reflective resume to help you stand out and really shine. A resume maybe your only chance to show an employer what you’re made of so you really need to get yourself noticed. Think carefully before you prepare your resume. Every action and word will count. The resume is the 1st impression the employer is going to have about you and your work, like they say “first impression is the last impression” so make it count. We will go over a few do’s and don’ts to help you along the way. Update: We’ve included a sample Resume for an LPN with Work Experience after the tips, Hope this helps 🙂

Getting Noticed:

There are several ways to catch the eye of a potential employer but one of the simplest ways is to provide a resume that is neatly prepared and easy to read.  If you think in terms that your resume is a subtle reflection of your persona then this will help you discern that which you want to reflect.  If you hand a poorly written resume or one that has coffee stains on it, or that is held together by paperclips, what do you think that this says about you as a person?  Perhaps it can be assumed that you are lazy, unorganized or that you simply don’t care.  Some acceptable ways to get noticed are to provide a neatly prepared resume.  Perhaps you can use larger font or a brightly colored folder.  An interesting cover sheet can be used as well as long as it is done in a professional manner.  A friend of mine got hired because she used purple ink. It sounds silly but after working for her employer for years she asked why she got the job and her employer said the purple ink sparked her interest and then she saw that she was the right fit for the job.  I don’t know if I would recommend purple ink but it got her noticed.

Shining Through:

If you are an entry level L.P.N. you may be intimidated that you do not possess any previous medical experience.  This is ok. Everyone has to start somewhere.  Try to focus on the positives that you do have and provide references that will highlight your good qualities.  Employers like to know that a person can be to work on time and tend to look for someone who is dependable and is willing to work.  You may also have done volunteer work that may showcase some of your good points.  Be sure to include these as well.

Just the Facts Please:

When writing your resume you should highlight your positive traits but try not to go overboard. You should also not exaggerate your accomplishments either. Remain truthful and accentuate the traits that you feel will help you to obtain the job for which you are applying. Avoid revealing too much personal information and try to remain on task. The fact that you won a beauty pageant when you were 5 will probably not help you land a job. Lastly, be yourself. The whole purpose of a resume is to give a potential employer a preview of you and your capabilities.  Don’t be afraid to let your personality peek through.

Writing a resume can be stressful and can feel like busy work but it is an important first step in landing a career as a L.P.N. You may not land every job that you apply for but a well written resume can help you to find the occupation that is a tailored fit for you.

—Start of Resume—

Elizabeth Davis – LPN

13 Bluehill Drive*Selinsgrove, Virginia 17870
Contact: 570-555-1212 or


With six years of experience working in a range of healthcare settings, I am looking forward to using my vast knowledge and experience to pursue a career as an emergency department nurse at one of the area’s leading hospitals while I continue my education to receive my registered nursing license.

Key Qualifications:

  • 6 years of experience working as an LPN in both healthcare and home health settings.
  • Strong interpersonal communication skills with both patients and other members of a healthcare team.
  • Fast and effective assessment of a patient’s current condition and nursing care plan needs. 
  • Rapid recognition of and response to changes in a patient’s condition or concerns with their recovery or a decline in their current condition
  • Experience using multiple medical record and electronic medical record management systems along with the ability to quickly new or updated electronic systems. 
  • Proven ability to carry out all aspects of a nursing care plan, including the management of patient medications and the performance of specialized LPN Procedures
  • Supervisory experience working with certified nursing assistants and non-certified medical aides. 

Work Experience:

St. Mary’s Medical Center                                                                         Richmond, Virginia

March 2008-Present

  • Provide specialized care for patients following their surgical procedures
  • Carefully monitoring the vital signs, progress and recovery of post-operative patients
  • Implementing the nursing care plan for patients and recording the progress of the plan in their medical records
  • Assisting patients with meals, dressing and bathing, ambulatory needs and other daily activities in the hours or days following surgery
  • Documenting physician orders as instructed and carrying out LPN services in those orders
  • Providing appropriate response to emergency situations with patients and providing other critical assistance to patients as needed

St. Michael’s Children’s Hospital                                                                        Richmond, Virginia

March 2010-Present:  Per Diem Work-A Few Shifts Each month

  • Proving nursing services as instructed in the care plan for children in the surgical wing
  • Providing an open line of communication with family members of children before and after surgical procedures
  • Administering medication and carryout out other LPN nursing procedures as instructed in the care plans
  • Assisting patients with daily activities and working to provide an increased positive spirit in young patients who have had or will have surgery

Richmond Home Care Services                                                               Richmond, Virginia

January 2006-March 2008

  • Provide in-home nursing care services to assigned clients
  • Monitor vital signs and other critical measurements for patients under home care services
  • Documenting a patient’s vital signs, progress and other details in their home health medical chart
  • Contacting a patient’s physician when urgent or additional care situations are noted during home visits
  • Creating an open line of communication to answer questions and address concerns of patients.
  • Supervising home health LPN trainees and home health care aides; including evaluations of the care they provide for patients


LPN Certification Program, Allied Health College of Richmond-2005

Practical Nursing Licensed Granted-October 2005

Emergency Services Certification, Allied Health College of Richmond, December 2011

Volunteer History

Meadowbrook Assisted Living Community, Activities Department Volunteer 2000-2004

St. Michael’s Children’s Hospital, Reading Time Volunteer-Current

Highlighted Skills

  • Ability to implement and manage nursing care solutions as listed in a patient’s care plan; including providing orders to other members of the nursing care team
  • Ability to respond quickly and efficiently to critical and emergency situations
  • Strong history of excellent communications kills with patients, all members of a patient’s healthcare team and family members
  • Excellent organizational and nursing time management skills
  • History supervising certified nursing assistants and other licensed practical nurses in a hospital and home healthcare setting
  • Ability to effectively carry out specialized nursing care in addition to basic nursing procedures

—End of Resume—

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