Free CNA Training by State

Furthering one’s education is often put to a stop when potential students consider the cost of programs of study. With the high cost of tuition, books, and the time to take off of work to participate in programs, people find themselves unable to move into a career that might help launch them into a new and exciting career field.

Because of the great need for Certified Nurse Assistants (CNA’s) all over theUnited States, many health care facilities, nonprofits and government-related organizations are now offering free training programs that provide the same quality instruction students would also receive in a college campus. The comparable experience makes this a suitable option for those considering a move into the health care industry as CNA’s.

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If you are interested in becoming a CNA, nursing homes in your community are a great resource to inquire about free training. Because of a shortage of CNA’s and an increase in the aging population, nursing homes and similar residential care facilities are finding it strategic to offer training programs within their own facilities. By doing so, they increase their CNA/resident ratio and are able to provide better care within their facility. As well, this kind of program becomes essentially on the job training and employers are able to mold their CNA candidates into the employee they need to fit their organizational scheme. This training option does not just benefit the employer, but the CNA candidate as well. Many nursing homes and resident care facilities that provide these free training programs also compensate students for hours worked. Arrangements are frequently made between employer and employee for ongoing employment after completing certification and being placed on the state registry for nurse assistants. This often requires a commitment by the CNA candidate to work in that facility for a certain period of time after obtaining certification, but this also is frequently accompanied by an increase in hourly rate and a sense of job security. This sort of situation is ideal for both the nursing home and the individual considering a move into the health care industry but unable to locate a means of paying for a program.

The American Red Cross is a nonprofit organization that exists to assist communities and help people in need. From the basic needs like shelter for individuals and families to disaster relief, the American Red Cross is reputed for its interest in helping those without. In this same way, the American Red Cross recognizes that one way they can help those in need is by training others to do the same. This is why many locations across the country offer free training for nurse assistants. By helping those interested in becoming CNA’s obtain the appropriate training necessary for moving into the health care industry, the American Red Cross accomplishes its mission of helping others. Free programs exist in almost every state, and some states even have the American Red Cross oversee the certification of nurse assistants by proctoring the exams and working with the state boards to add qualified CNA’s to the registry.

The Job Corps is an organization of the federal government that offers free education and training programs to help young people with career and job placement. For eligible young people at least 16 years of age that qualify as low income, Job Corps provides the all-around skills needed to succeed in a career and in life. In many states, the Job Corps sponsors nurse assistant programs that lead to certification. Many of these programs are a part of high school training programs. Job Corps offices can be located in multiple locations in most every state. To find out more information on the CNA programs through the Job Corps you will need to contact one of their offices.

All is not lost if no other option exists except to train as a CNA in a local college or technical institute. Scholarships and Pell Grants can pave the way for free training to become a certified nurse assistant. While this option might seem more complicated than other free options because of the paperwork needed to be filled out, it is a worthwhile sacrifice to obtaining free education. In order to find out if you qualify for financial assistance through the form of scholarships or grants, you should contact the financial aid office at a local college campus to obtain the appropriate applications.