Free LPN Training in California

You can find ways to receive your Practical Nursing/Vocational degree without spending a lot of money.  Free LPN training in California is not as hard to find as you might think.  If you are still in high school, you should work to do your best in everything you do. There are many schools in California that will rewards student achievements with scholarships. This can include academic, athletic and musical achievements-just naming a few. In some cases, a scholarship will see such value in your talents or grades that they will provide you with a full scholarship. In this case, you will not need to worry about tuition at all.

There are various scholarship and grant programs provided through California to ensure that there are plenty of well qualified nurses in the state. Some programs will help to reduce tuition for individuals and others will help to forgive nursing students of portions of their student loan. There are also programs where the government or a group provides some money towards training and an employer provides other money. The individual will then work for that sponsoring employer as an LPN. There are also others options to get training at no-cost which includes WIA approved courses through Job corps.

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Angeles College of Nursing – 3440 Wilshire Blvd., #310-los Angeles CA  90010Via WIA Approved Colleges:

Displaced workers and individuals, who qualify for tuition assistance under the WIA program in California, should consider the Angeles College of Nursing if they wish to become an LVN.  This program provides students with top-notch training to work in the nursing industry as a licensed vocational nurse. A nursing student will be able to access training at an affordable rate and can even receive tuition vouchers and other help if they receive WIA assistance.

Bay Area College of Nursing – 6150 Mission Street-Daly City CA  94014

This college is a WIA (Workforce Development Act) Participating Provider that is located in Daly City within California.  The school specializes in training individuals for careers in nursing including the LPN Program.  This program allows students to receive the hand on experience they need working in clinical settings in addition to the classroom and laboratory instruction. Students will find that this is a friendly place to study but that they will receive high quality instruction.

Career Care Institute – 2151 Alessandro drive ste 150 Ventura ca 93001 phone: (805) 477-0660 | 22500 Town Circle, Suite 2205 Moreno Valley CA, 92553 Phone: (951) 214-6446 | 43770 15th Street West, Suite 115 Lancaster CA, 93534 Phone: (661) 942-6204

LPN students who qualify for help under the WIA program, should consider the career care institute for their educational needs.  This institute is intended to provide students with career training so that they can develop skills for a career where they will earn a good income and have many employment opportunities.  Of course, the Career Care Institute offers various other programs to prepare individuals for a new career where they can get back to work and have less of a chance of being laid off or facing other employment problems.

Via Scholarships & Grants:

Department of Indian Affairs Scholarships

If you are an American Indian, you might very well be able to receive help to pay for your LPN degree through the Department of Indian Affairs administers scholarships.  The financial aid office of your school can help you to determine if you can apply and walk through the process of applying.  There are other minority organizations that also offer assistance to individuals who are looking to further their career or earning potential by attending college.

Vocational Nurse Scholarship

This scholarship is for LPN (LVN) students who are going to school at least part-time.  Students, who receive this scholarship, will be required to work for two years in sections of California that are considered to be under-served in terms of vocational nurses.  Students should be able to demonstrate that they are active in their community and that they need help covering the cost of training to become an LPN. Applicants must have letters of recommendation as well as copies of their transcripts.

Emergency Nurses Association: Bryan Stow State Nursing Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to an EMT or paramedic planning to attend a program to become a nurse.  This scholarship can be applied for by visiting  The scholarship honors Bryan Stow who is a paramedic who was beaten very badly at an NFL football game by fans from another team.  This is an opportunity for students within this state only and who are attending colleges within the state.

Via Job Corps:

Inland Empire – San Bernardino, CA 92427-9550 | (909) 887-6305

Long Beach, CA 90810-4050 | (562) 983-1777

Los Angeles, CA 90015 | (213) 748-0135

Sacramento, CA 95832 | (916) 394-0770

San Diego – Imperial Beach, CA 91932-3751| (619) 429-8500

San Jose – San Jose, CA 95127-2970 | (408) 254-5627

Treasure Island – San Francisco, CA 94130-5027 | (415) 277-2400

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