Free LPN Training in South Carolina

Becoming an LPN in South Carolina is an excellent investment for your future.  The cost of an LPN program will vary quite a bit depending on the provider you select for your practical nursing training.  This should not deter you from obtaining your training.  In fact, if you look around you will quickly learn that there are many ways to receive your LPN training for free in South Carolina.

The best way to receive free LPN training is to watch in the newspaper for healthcare provider’s seeking prospective LPNs. Many health care providers want to rest assured that nurses are well trained.  For that reason, they will often want to help individuals to receive their training.  Many locations in South Carolina also have shortages of practical nurses and as such will want to help attract more nurses by providing solutions to pay for the degree.  If you find an employer who will pay for you to receive your training, they will make you agree to work for that company for a year or more.

Scholarship and grant programs are another excellent resource if you are looking for ways to pay for nursing schools.  You could receive help paying to access this type of training if you are out of work or if you are someone receiving public assistance benefits.

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Via Scholarships & Grants:

LPN Grants are available throughout SC and regardless of which county you live in – you can access it, so for example if you’re living in Greenville, Richland, Charleston, Spartanburg, Horry, York, Lexington, Berkeley, Anderson, Beaufort or any other county you will be able to choose a college in your county to take the course and get the grant option there.

Central Carolina Technical College – Life Scholarship

506 N Guignard Dr.29150 2499. City Sumter State, SC

The Life scholarship is available for students at Central Carolina Technical College and other accredited schools throughout South Carolina.  The scholarship is intended to help even more individuals to be able to access quality education.  The program is also intended to help make certain that even more qualified employees are able to enter a range of career fields.  An application and such can be obtained if you visit this website:

Blue Cross South Carolina Nursing Scholarship

This scholarship is for individuals who are wishing to become nurses at a range of levels.  The program will even be available to help licensed practical nursing degrees. The grant is intended to help to bring more people into the nursing field since there has been a continued shortage.  The grant will help individuals to meet the costs of their training to become a nurse.  This is a great option for those who are able to maintain good grades and who need some financial help so that they can become nurses in South Carolina.

Nurses Care Scholarships

This scholarship is for students who will work on an education to become a nurse. The program is one that is available to both undergraduate and graduate students. The scholarship can provide some money to help pay for tuition for LPN training among other types of nursing degrees. This program can be used to cover tuition expenses at colleges with state approved nursing programs.  You should talk to the financial aid office at your school to determine if they participate in the Nurses Care Scholarship fund.

Via WIA Approved Colleges:

Central Carolina Technical College – 506 North Guignard Drive-Sumter SC 29150

Central Carolina Technical College is among the workforce investment colleges located within South Carolina.  The school offers a range of career training options plus an assortment of degree based programs.  They are even listed as one of the LPN providers for approved programs in South Carolina.  An ADN program is available as well for students who are already licensed practical nurses and looking to expand their degree and to move up in their career field.

Northeastern Technical College – 1201 East Boulevard Cheraw, SC 29520

Do contact your workforce investment case worker if you are looking to become an LPN.  They can help you to identify programs for which you can receive tuition assistance.  For example, you might receive help paying for some courses or training for the Northeastern Technical College.  This is a diploma based program and makes it possible for students to become nurses in about one year if they successfully complete the program and pass the NCLEX exam.

Denmark Technical College – Bamberg SC-803-793-5176

The Denmark Technical College provides many training opportunities.  Among these opportunities is the practical nursing degree program.  This is a competitive program and so students must meet a range of needs to be accepted into the nursing department.  Class sizes are kept small in order to help provide the ideal instruction environment.  If you qualify for WIA benefits to help pay for new career training, you should contact the college to determine if you can use your branch of benefits to being the LPN program.

Via Job Corps:

Bamberg – 19 Job Corps Avenue Bamberg, SC 29003 | (803) 245-5101