Free LPN Training in Nevada

There are ways to receive free LPN training or ways to make the cost of becoming an LPN very affordable.  The Washoe Health System in Nevada, for example is encouraging more individuals to become nurses.  As such they are offering tuition reimbursement opportunities.  Students can receive the financial help they need to be able to become a practical nurse.  The health system works with a couple colleges in Nevada.  Of course, students must then agree to work within the Washoe Health System for awhile as a result of having received help with their tuition.  You might be able to find additional opportunities like this with other hospitals in the state.

If you do not find tuition reimbursement options, you will want to apply for a financial aid package.  It is also a good idea to apply for as many scholarships as possible.  These can really add up quickly.  A few scholarships can knock down costs quite a bit.  You will want to look for any programs that can help people in special circumstances.  For example, there are often programs to assist single parents or to help adult students.  Take the time to evaluate more than one option so that you can add up enough money to pay to become an LPN.

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Via Scholarship Opportunities:

The best thing about government grants is that you can remain in your county and still be able to take full advantage of the grant, this is because grants are acceptable state wide and you dont have to move to a specific college to pursue your education so you can be in Las Vegas, Carson City, Yerington, Elko, Minden, Tonopah or any other state and still stand a chance to get free lpn training through a scholarship opportunity.

Nevada Healthcare Access Program

This program is for individuals who are pursuing healthcare degrees including those in nursing.  There are not enough well qualified healthcare professionals in Nevada.  As a result, the state is taking steps to encourage more people to enter LPN and other healthcare degrees.  Students can receive student loan repaying assistance and other financial aid to help pursue their career goals.  In exchange for this assistance, they will need to work for no less than two years in a healthcare location for the state of Nevada.

University of Southern Nevada-CNS Scholarships – 6375 W. Charleston Blvd-Las Vegas, NV 89146

As do many universities and colleges in Nevada, the University of Southern Nevada offers foundation scholarships.  These scholarships are funded from donations and are granted to students with financial need or who meet other requirements.  Students can complete a single application to be considered for any of the foundation funds that would apply to them.  Students can now access the application page from the financial aid website making it easier than ever to apply for funds to help reduce the cost of college.

Nursing Home Abuse.Net Scholarship

Nursing students can  apply for this scholarship is they have and are going to continue to have a commitment to doing their part to prevent and stop abuse of residents in nursing care facilities.  This scholarship can be in the amount of $5000.  It is possible to use this for expenses that are not part of tuition.  This could include things like transportation to nursing school and childcare for students with young children at home.  Apply to:

Via WIA Approved Colleges:

Great Basin College – 1500 College Parkway – Elko, Nevada 89801

This school is among the approved WIA providers within the state of Nevada.  This college is able to offer a range of degree and career training programs.  Their nursing programs are listed among the program options for individuals receiving WIA benefits.  The school offers an AAS of Nursing Degree in addition to a Bachelor’s Degree.  Students must apply not only to the college but also to the nursing department directly.  The students who are considered first are those from the 6 counties serviced directly by the college.

Kaplan University – 3535 West Sahara Avenue -Las Vegas, NV 89102

It is possible for some students to receive the aide they need to pay for all or part of a program at Kaplan University though funds from the workforce investment act.  This could even include a licensed practical nursing program.  The Kaplan LPN program provides state-of-the-art facilities and clinnical experience at local healthcare providers.  The collge hash a long history of providing excellent academic services for healthare and other career related programs of study.  Their licensed practical nursing program is no exception.

Nevada Career Institute – 3231 North Decatur Boulevard #119  Las Vegas, NV 89130

This school offers a range of healthcare related career training programs.  The programs could easily help someone to become well employed if they have been down on their luck in terms of employment.  For this reason, students who qualify for WIA benefits should determine if any of these benefits can be used for the LPN training program.  The practical nursing program will expose students to a range of clinical fields of experience during their rotations.  Students will be well prepared to begin working in an exciting nursing career after graduating from the program.

Via Job Corps:

Sierra Nevada – 14175 Mt. Charleston Street Reno, NV 89506 | (775) 789-1000