Free LPN Training in North Dakota

Looking for ways to receive free LPN training can be as simple as thinking of every group for which you and your parents – if you are still a dependent are a member of.  A combination of scholarships could certainly reduce your tuition especially if you are already receiving other forms of financial aid.  Consider any work unions for which you or your parents are members of at the current time.  Are there any community based groups for which you hold a membership?  Is anyone in your immediately family a member of other professional groups and organizations?  You would be surprised at the number of scholarship options available to you if you start looking just at your memberships and that of your parents and in some cases even grandparents.

Do not forget to contact local healthcare providers if you are hoping to become an LPN.  Some of these providers hire individuals before they are licensed.  The individuals start out in non-nursing roles until they become licensed.  Some employers will help to pay for your education in exchange for a term of work service once you become fully licensed.  Take your time to look for financing options so that you can become a practical nurse.

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Through Scholarships & Grants:

To read more about how to get free LPN training through Scholarships and grants click here.

Sitting Bull Community College – CERA Scholarship Program – 9299 Hwy 24-Fort Yates, ND 58538

This program is for individuals who submit a poem they have written on their own.  The poem is judged on content, language, style and form.  Students must be accepted to or planning to attend a college or university.  Students can submit their poem to CERA Scholarship, PO Box 1889 in Fremont, CA 94358. Those who win the award can be granted $500.This program can help individuals to cover some of their tuition and related costs.

North Dakota Student Incentive Grant Program

First time undergraduate students including nursing students can apply for this grant.  The grant can be as much as $1500 per year.  Students are allowed to renew the grant. They must fill out a FASFA to be included in the applicable list of students for the grant program. The grant will be used for tuition and other expenses directly related to obtaining a degree. Students must maintain satisfactory progress in their studies to maintain their grant status.

North Dakota Career & Technical Education Scholarships

This program is to aid high school students who have taken coursework in the areas of career or technical training.  The program is for students who will go on to college.  This would include individuals who are going to train to become practical nurses.  Students can receive as much as $750 per semester and this is a program that can be renewed in subsequent semesters.  Those who wish to apply can talk to their high school guidance counselor.  A GPA of 2.75 or more is required and a minimum ACT score of 24.

Through WIA Approved Colleges:

WIA is a great option if you’re looking to get lpn training at no cost, to learn more about WIA options you can read it here.

Bismarck State College-P.O. Box 5587-1500 Edwards Avenue-Bismarck, ND 58506

The LPN program offered at Bismarck State College is among the list of health related training programs under the WIA offerings for individuals who need to be educated in a new career field.  The Licensed Practical Nursing Program covers 48 credits of study.  The first 8 credits are though pre-requisites that are needed to be in the nursing program.  Students can also opt to take the Registered Nursing track if they wish to continue their education for additional time.  However, the LPN program only takes around one year to finish.

Dakota College – 105 Simrall Boulevard  Bottineau, ND 58318

Dakota College is another workforce investment act provider offering Licensed Practical Nursing Training.  The training provides the ideal combination of theoretical instruction in addition to the clinical experience needed.  A man or woman who is unemployed or who is a displaced worker or homemaker can sometimes receive training to begin a new career.  They will receive financial help to pay for the training.  This is intended to make sure someone can become well employed.  The training program as an LPN prepares students well to be competitive in the job market as a nurse.

Dickinson State University

One of the LPN providers for the WIA Act in North Dakota is the Dickinson State University.  This university offers an LPN program that allows an individual to receive a Associate Degree.  This is an extensive program that provides comprehensive classroom and hands on training.  Students will be able to obtain all the instruction they need to work successfully in a range of healthcare facilities throughout the state.  LPN students will be able to sit for the licensing exam after they have completed all required courses and clinical rotations.

Lake Region State College – 1801 College Drive N. Devils Lake, ND 58301-1598 | (701) 662-1600

Through Job Corps:

Quentin Burdick – 1500 University Avenue West Minot, ND 58703 | Tel: (701) 857-9600