Free LPN Training in Utah

Applying for multiple scholarships will provide you with a way to pay to become an LPN.  LPN training is often not overly expensive but will provide you with a degree that will allow you to earn a great income.  In some cases, you will receive either a full scholarship or a combination of such that will allow you to access free licensed practical nursing training in Utah. If you are looking to apply for scholarships, you will need to complete the Federal Application for Financial Aid. You will need to view requirements for each scholarship of interest. Scholarships often require letters of recommendation as well as high school or college transcriptions.  Some will ask that you write an essay or provide written answers to questions.  Carefully review all instructions on an application to make certain you provide all the required documents. Uncover many stones including organizations, clubs and foundation funds to find scholarships. Do not forget award programs that are only worth a couple hundred dollars as money can add up quickly.

Benefits to help you pay for LPN school could also be accessed if you qualify for the workforce investment act program, military benefits or vocational rehabilitation.  Employer sponsored programs can often be found as well.

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Scholarships Opportunities:

There are many LPN Grants that you can receive in order to get Free LPN Training in Utah. Health Care Scholarships

This scholarship is for students in Utah who are enrolled in healthcare and nursing programs.  Students can either be enrolled in college already or will need to be high school students who will be going to college in one year or less.  Students will need to answer the “Tell Us More” question so that those people selecting scholarship winners will be able to select students they feel are most deserving of the program.  The awards is for $1000 which can go a long way in paying towards an LPN degree.  Visit

College of Eastern Utah-USU Eastern Scholarships – Academic – 451 East 400 North-Price, UT 84501

Students can apply for academic scholarships if they have a 3.0 average or better.  It is also necessary for students to be taking and to receive good grades in 12 credits of study.  LPN students are among those that could apply for this scholarship.  Students can contact the finanicla aid department at the college if they need more instructions on how to apply.  This scholarsihp can go a long way in helping individuals to pay for an LPN degree or for whatever ever program of study they select.

Utah Nurses Foundation Grant

The Utah Nurses Foundation is one that offers a range of grants for nursing students.  This includes their undergraduate grant for those who are working steadily on their nursing degree.  Those students who apply must be enrolled in one of the state certified nursing programs.  Students cannot take less than six credits of study during each semester.  Ideally, the students will be those who are attending school on a full-time basis though part-time students can be considered.

WIA Opportunities:

Salt Lake Community College – 4600 South Redwood Road • Salt Lake City, UT 84123

If you are looking to become a licensed practical nurse and have been told that you could receive help paying some of the costs to do so though the WIA program, you should consider the nursing program at this school. The College offers an LPN program that readies students to sit for the NCLEX-PN exam after all coursework is done.  If an individual is already an LPN, they work towards the ADN degree to receive their Associate of Nursing.

 Utah State University – College of Eastern Utah – 451 East 400 North-Price, Utah 84501

You could possibly receive help paying for some of the coursework you need for the LPN program at this school if you can receive tuition help through the workforce investment act.  You can sometimes receive resources if you are unemployed through no fault of your own.  The certified licensed practical nursing program will take about two and one half semesters.  The program does start in the summer semester each year.  The college also offers CNA and RN training programs.

Snow College-South – 800 W 200-Richfield, UT 84701

Contact the school to learn more about the WIA tuition benefits that could be available to you if you qualify for workforce programs and are interested in a nursing degree at this school.  Gainful employment could be within your reach in about one year.  Snow College South is able to provide an excellent LPN program.  It is quite comprehensive and is well rated when compared with other programs in the state.  Students will be highly prepared for the licensing exam once all classes and clinical rotations are finished in their entirety.

Nightingale College – 4155 Suite 100 Harrison Blvd. Ogden, Utah 84403 | (801) 689-2160

Job Corps:

Clearfield – 20 West 1700 South P O Box 160070 Clearfield, UT 84016-0070 | (801) 774-4000

Weber Basin – 7400 South Cornia Drive Ogden, UT 84405-9605 | (801) 479-9806