Free LPN Training in Indiana

There are many ways in which you can lower the cost of your education to become a LPN and in some cases you can even receive Free LPN Training in Indiana. Usually all states have a couple of options open to people who are deserving candidates for these kind of programs. There is a wide range of Scholarships and grants that you can apply for, There is also the possibility of getting education from Job Corps or thorugh a WIA Approved college. If you are a CNA working in a healthcare facility you might be able to get education through your employer – how this works is that if the employer agrees to pay for your tuition fees then you can get become a LPN at no cost but have to agree to work for that institution for a specified amount of time (this will depend on your employer).

If you are good at a specific sport then you maybe able to get scholarship from a college if you are to play for their college team.

Many organizations and membership groups also have scholarships. You should always apply for state grant programs in addition to the Pell Grant Program. It will be necessary to complete financial aid forms for this. Many of these grants are based on your financial need rather than on other criteria. Even so, it is something to consider for just about any student.

Opportunities in other States:

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here are a few options listed below for Free Training to become a LPN in Indiana

Via Scholarships/ Grants:

American Legion Auxiliary – Department of Indiana:  Past Presidents’ Parley – State Nursing Scholarship

This scholarship is for women only within the state of Indiana.  It is for women who have parents, grandparents or even great-grandparents who are Legion Members.  Students will also need to be attending a college in Indiana and to already be residents of Indiana. The amount of the awards given to those who win the scholarship will vary but it can certainly be a big help when students are looking to cover their expenses.

Indiana Nursing Scholarship Fund

This program is for individuals who live in Indiana and who are working to complete a nursing degree in Indiana.  This is a renewable scholarship and as such students can receive for more than one academic year.  Amounts for the scholarship are up to $5000 in any given academic year.  Those who receive the scholarship, will be required to work as an LPN in Indiana for two years after becoming a nurse.  Of course this is a good way to obtain your first job since you are receiving help to pay for your college.

St. Francis Healthcare Foundation – 5255 E Stop 11 Rd., Ste. 245-Indianapolis, IN 46237

This scholarship program is for employees of the healthcare provider who wish to start a career as a nursing or to finish their degree in nursing.  Individuals with a sold work history with St. Francis and who have a need for financial help, can apply. Different amounts are given out depending on the amount of funds available for the scholarship each year and based on a person’s need.  It is a great opportunity for people who work at the healthcare provider and who are looking to become nurses.

Via WIA Approved Colleges:

MedTech – 7320 Engle Road, Forty Wayne Indiana 46804

Individuals wishing to become nurses should look into one of the MedTech programs.  There are LPN and Rn options for those looking to start a new career or for recent graduates who already know they want to be nurses.  This is a school that is among the WIA providers for the state of Indiana.  The WIA programs helps people who are not employed or not gainfully employed to be able to receive help paying for training they need.

Advanced Healthcare Vocational Institute – 6350 Westhaven Dr Ste. P Indianapolis

This learning institute is among the WIA providers found throughout the state of Indiana.  They provide people with a second chance to start a new career or to advance a career  This is a top quality healthcare school within the state.  They are able to help people on a career path to work in the healthcare industry.  Students can opt from a range of healthcare and vocational studies if they are going to attend this school and going to try to use any applicable WIA benefits.

Ivy Tech Community College – 4301 100 West  Muncie, IN 47302

This community college paves the way for a bright future whether students are fresh out of high school or looking to start a new career.  The college also helps individuals who are out of work by participating in the state’s WIA program.  Students can receive tuition assistance to pay for a range of a programs at the College.  The school is even a good option for prospective nurses whether they are looking to enter into the nursing field for the first time or looking to grow in their career. *Note That ITCCalso have campuses in the following areas: Richmond | Anderson | Bloomington | Columbus | Franklin | Madison | New Castle | Warsaw | Connersville | East Chicago | Fort Wayne | For the complete List visit:

Via Job Corps:

If you qualify for the Job Corps program then you can very easily get your education to become an LPN paid for in Full. They have 2 offices in IN – Indianapolis and Edinburgh.

Contact them to get more info on how the process works and Best of luck for your new career!