Free LPN Training in Vermont

There are programs in Vermont to encourage more nurses to enter into the field.  The programs can help you to achieve free LPN training or much more affordable LPN training. You can receive loan forgiveness in the state if you work for a contracted amount of time in locations that need qualified nurses. There are likely to be other programs to help encourage individuals to obtain nursing degrees including healthcare employers who provide tuition assistance and reimbursement for individuals who further their careers by going to nursing school.  Sometimes your current employer will do this and in other cases, you will be hired to work for a healthcare facility who will offer you non-nursing work while you obtain your degree as long as you then work as an LPN for the employer.

Vermont, like any state, has grant programs to help make certain that anyone can work on a degree including those who have a very low income or who are considered to be disadvantaged in some other way.  Many nursing programs also qualify individuals to apply for Pell Grants which are provided by the federal government.  Do apply for financial aid from the college and by filing out your forms for federal financial aid.  You can pay for an LPN degree more easily than you might think.

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Through Grant Programs:

Exceptional Nurse Disability Scholarship offers a scholarship for individuals who are suffering from a disability or from some other type of medical challenge.  The scholarship is intended to provide a small award for those who are overcoming medical challenges in order to pursue a career as a nurse.  The individual must be someone who demonstrates that they will excel in their nursing career and do all they can to make a difference working in this career area.

Vermont Educational Loan Program or Nurses – State Nursing Scholarships

This Loan program is for individuals who are willing to work in high needs areas of the state.  Scholarship funds are also available.  This helps the state to bring in more qualified nurses and health care professionals by ensuring all well qualified individuals can afford the education.  The applications for the 2013 school year will come available in August.  The website for this program can be viewed by visiting:

Ella Grindle Scholarship -Vermont Technical College

The Vermont Technical College has many scholarship and grant opportunities for their students.  This includes the Ella Grindle Scholarship.  This program is intended to provide some financial help to students who need financial assistance if they are going to be able to achieve their educational goals.  The students must not only complete an application but will also need to write an Essay.  Students can talk to a financial aid officer if they are going to need to receive more assistance applying for the scholarship.

Through WIA:

Vermont Technical College – 124  Randolph, Vermont 05061

Vermont Technical College is listed as the only approved LPN program in the state.  They are among the workforce investment act training providers within the state.  Men and women who are receiving help to pay for college under the program and who are interested in becoming LPNs, should contact the college.  Students will receive hands on experience from individuals who have a great deal of experience in the nursing and healthcare fields.  The LPN program is offered at more than one VTC campus location.

If you know of any other WIA Approved colleges that offer LPN Training in Vermont, please do let us know so we can update it here. Thank you!

Through Job Corps:

Northlands – 100A MacDonough Drive Vergennes, VT 05491 | (802) 877-2922