Free LPN Training in West Virginia

There are many ways one can receive Free LPN Training in West Virginia. Individuals who are giving thought to joining the air force should remember that they can also pursue a career to serve in the army. For example, if an individual wishes to be in the Air Force, but also wants to be a nurse, they can. They can join the Air Force Reserves ROTC program.  Students will be in the reserve and will have their ROTC course. They can receive tuition assistance to train as a nurse. They can also receive help with their books and other supplies needed. The Air Force Reserves who qualify can even receive a monthly stipend to help with other living costs they have.

Of course, not everyone is interested in joining the military. That is alright as there are many other ways to receive free LPN training in WV or to lower the cost of training. There are grant, scholarship and work-study programs in addition to deferred student loans. There are paid to train programs in some healthcare locations in addition to employers who offer tuition reimbursement programs.  If you get creative, you can find other ways to help pay for your tuition as well. You can become a nurse no matter what your financial circumstances.

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Through Scholarships and Grants:

Read more about how to apply for a grant right here.

National Black Nurses Association Scholarship

Students should contact their Financial Aid Office or Nursing faculty for assistance in applying for this scholarship.  This program is for black students who are working to become nurses.  They can apply to receive a scholarship to help cover some of their costs.  Students cannot apply for this program unless they have received a recommendation from one of the faculty working with them. Students who work hard and have good academic success are the best candidates.

AMN Johnson & Johnson Scholarship

Male Nursing students can apply for this scholarship.  The scholarship will be granted to individuals who have documented accomplishments in their studies and beyond.  Students will need to be in a pre-RN program.  Therefore LPN students in a program for which they could then continue on to obtain their RN, could qualify.  It is necessary for anyone who wins this program to have and maintain a GPA of 2.75 or higher. The number of awards is dependent upon funding that year.

Tafford Uniforms

Tafford Uniforms offers a scholarship opportunity for men and women pursuing a range of nursing degrees.  This does include those who are working on an LPN degree.  The amount of money an individual can receive depends on the funds that the company has to give out that year.  Students will need to already be enrolled in a program at a full accredited nursing program.  An application can be found by visiting the website when the next season of scholarships is open:

Through WIA Approved Colleges:

You can read more about WIA processes and application System here.

Mineral Technical Career Center (MTCC) – 600 Harley O. Staggers Dr.  Keyser, WV 26726

Prospective LPNs who will receive WIA benefits to pursue their nursing degree, can consider MTCC.  This education provider offers career and vocational training programs.  This does include a licensed practical nursing program.  The program is very comprehensive and covers 1400 hours of instruction.  Some instruction will be in the classroom and others will be spent working the clinical rotations in a range of settings.  The program will be one that takes students 12 months of study to complete.

New River Community and Technical College – 6101 Webster Road Summersville, WV 26651

The New River Community and Technical College provides a range of WIA programs.  Students can receive financial help through Workforce funding for many different classes and even programs of study.  Even LPN students who qualify for this funding, can receive the help they need to become trained to work in a long-term career as an LPN.  The LPN program is available at more than one campus location.  The program will take about one year to finish when attending full-time.

Other WIA Approved Colleges Include:

Putnam Career & Technical Center – 300 Roosevelt Blvd Eleanor, WV | (304) 586 – 3494

United Technical Center – Clarksburg, WV | (304) 326 – 7580

Randolph County Voc-Tech Center – Elkins, WV | (304) 636 – 9195

Fred W. Eberle Technical Center – Buckhannon, WV | (304) 472 – 1259

James Rumsey Technical Institute – 3274 Hedgesville Rd Martinsburg, WV | (304) 754 – 7925

Pierpont Community & Technical College – Fairmont, West Virginia | (304) 367 – 4907

New River Community and Technical College – Beckley, West Virginia | (304) 929 – 6734

Through Job Corps:

Charleston – 1000 Kennawa Drive Charleston, WV 25311 |  (304) 925-3200

Harpers Ferry – 146 Buffalo Drive Harpers Ferry, WV 25425 | (304) 728-5708