Free LPN Training in South Dakota

You can receive free LPN training if you qualify for the Dakota Corps Scholarship.  This is a program to help the state of South Dakota retain more individuals after graduation.  It is intended to encourage students to attend colleges within the state rather than going to other states. Those who qualify can receive reimbursement of the total cost of tuition for a program. They can also receive assistance paying for other related expenses. A financial aid officer at a school of interest should be able to help a high school senior explore this option.

You can find a number of other ways to help reduce LPN training costs if you do not qualify for the Dakota Corps Scholarship.  You should always apply for grants from the federal government as well as the state government.  This will help you to pay for college and in some cases grants are large enough to actually cover all the costs related to your training.  You can also apply for foundation scholarships at a college as well as private scholarships.  Some students will even find that they can receive tuition assistance or reimbursements from an employer. There are many ways to be able to afford to become a practical nurse.

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Via Grants:

Rita H. Walsh Scholarship

This scholarship is offered though the Nurses Association of South Dakota.  Students can receive up to $1,000.  They must be attending a nursing program that is located in South Dakota.  All applicants must also be residents of the state.  Students will need to have a 3.0 grade point average.  This is an award that is given out each spring.  Students can learn more from the Nurses Association Website for South Dakota and can find details to apply when the next round of scholarships is open.

Nursing Education Assistance Program

This program is intended to help nursing students including those who are attending an LPN school.  Students can receive up to $1000 in a semester.  This amount must be used for tuition or books.  Some other related fees could also apply.  The funds are distributed to students by the Board of Nursing.  This is to help make a nursing degree even more attractive to students since there are often not enough nurses in this state.

Pell Grant

Students, who are going to be attending a financial aid eligible LPN program in South Dakota, should apply for the Pell Grant.  They will need to complete a FASFA and any other forms directly required by the financial aid office of their school.  Students will be able to receive a grant based on their financial need.  This can go quite a distance in helping to pay to become an LPN.  Students should apply for the federal grant programs as well.

Via WIA:

Read more on how you can get approved for WIA

Lake Area Technical Institute-1201 Arrow Avenue – PO Box 730 – Watertown, South Dakota 57201

The Lake Area Technical Institute does offer some workforce training programs.  Individuals who receive workforce benefits should also see if they could receive help to become an LPN if a career in nursing is of interest to the person.  There is an 11 month LPN program offered at college.  It provides students with training needing to work in nursing departments for medical and psychiatric providers.  If an individual wishes to continue on to become an RN, they will need to finish a second year of study.  Otherwise they can sit for the licensing exam to become a practical nurse.

Southwest Technical Institute-320 N Career Ave-Sioux Falls, SD 57107

Future nurses who have been told they can receive training help though the Workforce Investment Act, should contact their workforce advisor to determine if they can obtain any assistance with attending the LPN degree at the Institute.  The school offers a licensed practical nursing program that includes 59 credits of study.  Students will be able to opt for a more flexible class schedule when needed by enrolling in the evening program.  Students will benefit from highly experienced class instructors in any of their courses.

Via Job Corps:

Boxelder – P O Box 110 22023 Job Corps Place Nemo, SD 57759-0110 | (605) 348-3636