Free LPN Training in Tennessee

You could perhaps receive free LPN training or at least reduce the cost of training through the Workforce Investment Act if you live in Tennessee. This is a program that partners workforce boards with colleges in a particular state. The colleges receive funding to offer career training options and continuing education courses for individuals who are unemployed. The programs provide financial help for students so that they have the opportunity to receive training for a new career. The goal is to provide training that allows a person to become gainfully employed.  Anyone who is receiving unemployment should talk to someone at their local workforce office.  They could perhaps receive LPN training or at least receive pre-nursing training to help the person get started with their new career goals.

If you are not unemployed but looking to advance your career, you might be able to receive help from your employer.  For instance, if you are working as a nursing aide at a hospital, they might have tuition programs you can access to become a licensed practical nurse.  In exchange for their financial help, you will need to work as an LPN for that employer for the amount of time that you both agree upon or by terms of a contract you agree to.  This provides you with not only educational but also employment opportunities.

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Through WIA:

Tennessee Technology Center – 100 White Bridge Road Nashville, TN 37209

Practical nursing applicants and students who qualify for WIA benefits should see if they can receive any help to pay for the health program of Practical Nursing.  The students could very well receive enough financial help to make it possible to train for gainful employment as an LPN.  Students will gain excellent clinical training at surrounding healthcare locations.  This is in addition to lab work and classroom lectures and instructions.  The program offers flexible options to help anyone to realize their goal of entering the nursing field.

Cleveland State Community College – PO Box 3570-Cleveland, TN 37320

If an individual is interested in becoming a nurse and can receive WIA benefits, they can contact Cleveland State Community College.  The school offers ADN and LPN-RN programs for those who are already nurses or who are looking to become RNs.  They also offer some allied health courses and other general courses which could be the starting point for someone who is wishing to become an LPN.  WIA benefits could pay for some of the pre-nursing courses that a person needs.

Columbia State Community College – 1665 Hampshire Pike, Columbia TN 38401

This community college is one of the registered WIA providers for the state of Tennessee.  Students who qualify for help under this program can receive assistance paying for certain training courses, classes and programs.  Students, who wish to become LPNs, might find that some of the courses they need before entering into a nursing program are covered under this act.  They might be able to then transfer credits to an LPN program at another college.  Columbia State Community College also offers LPN mobility programs for individuals who are already employed as LPNS and who wish to receive their Associate Degree of Nursing.

Through Scholarships & Grants:

This is another great way to access free training or reduce the cost of tuition if you want to become an LPN. Grants usually allow a student to take the classes in any county be it Memphis, Knoxville, Franklin, Clarksville, Gallatin, Lebanon, Jackson, Cleveland or any other county the student resides in as long as he/she attends a certified school. This is helpful as students don’t have to move away from their home to go for studies. To read more about the process of application you can read it here.

Edith M Allen Scholarship

This program is for individuals who are members of the United Method Church.  The scholarship can help students in a range of career field areas including nurses.  The student must have been a member of a Method Church for three years or more.  Students can be working towards an undergraduate degree.  Those who win the scholarship will need to maintain no less than a B+ GPA.  An individual will be able to go to this website so that they can find a scholarship:

The Foundation of the National Student Nurses’ Association

This Association offers scholarship opportunities for undergraduate nursing students.  The funds are to help individuals to reach their goal of attaining a degree at some level of nursing.  The awards given out are from $1000-$2500, which can go a long way in helping to reduce tuition and related expense costs.  The awards are given out based on a person’s academic achievements, dedication to the career of nursing and other related factors.  Students can submit applications or learn more by contacting the headquarters for the Scholarship Program at:  45 Main Street, Suite 606-Brooklyn, NY 11201

Chattanooga State Community College – Foster Care Grant-4501 Amnicola Highway Chattanooga, TN 37406

This grant could help foster care students who wish to create a great life by becoming licensed practical nurses.  Students must have a GPA of at least 2.75 when they apply.  It is necessary to have graduated from a participating school and this can count homeschool programs.  Students do need to have had an 18, 19 or 20 as their score for the ACT test.  The student’s gross adjusted income cannot be more than $36,000.

Through Job Corps:

Jacobs Creek – 984 Denton Valley Road Bristol, TN 37620-1430 | (423) 878-4021
BL Hooks – 1555 McAlister Drive Memphis, TN 38116 | (901) 396-2800