Free LPN Training in Kansas

You can receive free LPN training in Kansas by applying for the Kansas Nursing Service Scholarship.  This is a program to help encourage individuals to study to become nurses.  Students will need to find a healthcare provider who will serve as their sponsor for this program.  The employer will provide the funds for a part of this scholarship.  This scholarship will be used as a way to help pay for tuition and some of the other expenses related to the studies. Once a student receives their nursing degree, they will work for that employer for one year.  This is not a bad exchange when you consider all the benefits the student receives.  More information on this program will be provided under scholarships.

Students should also look to see if there are any local scholarships being provided.  Some local employers, organizations and even community based groups will offers scholarships of varying sizes.  Of course, schools will also usually have a list of foundation scholarships as well.  It is often possible to receive one or more of these.  Some might not be for a lot of money but every bit does help when looking to earn free LPN training by finding ways to pay without spending any of your own money.

Opportunities in other States:

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Through Scholarships:

Scholarships and grants are a great way to receive a helping hand in paying for tuition fees. They are designed to be accessible in any city or college within that state so in Kansas you could access scholarships regardless of where you live: Wichita, Kansas City, Lawrence, Shawnee, Overland Park, etc..

Kansas Nursing Service Scholarship

This scholarship is available to men and women who are pursuing an education as an LPN or RN.  If an individual agrees to work for a sponsoring employer after receiving their degree, they can receive assistance paying for their tuition.  Applicants for this grant should know that they will need to agree to work for the sponsoring employer for an entire year for any year for which they were given a scholarship.  If they receive a scholarship for two years, they must work for that healthcare provider for two years.  An application and information can be found here:

Kansas Nurse Foundation

This scholarship is for nursing students including those who are enrolled in LPN programs.  The program will provide some funds for students to help fill any gaps in tuition not covered by other methods.  A student will need to be able to keep a 3.0 average.  The student will also need to submit a written essay about why they want to be a nurse and how they will make a good contribution to the field.

Hobbie LPN Nurse Scholarship

This is a scholarship option for individuals who live in Kansas and who will be attending college in Kansas.  The applicant will be someone who is going to enroll in an LPN training program at a location in the state.  The person will need to be able to then work as a nurse within the state after they complete their training and become certified.  Students can receive the scholarship in part for having some type of financial need.

Through WIA:

Barton Community College – 245 NE 30 RD-Great Bend, KS 67530

The Barton Community College provides educational opportunities for students from all different backgrounds.  They also participate in the WIA program making it possible for individuals to learn a new career so that they can get back to work.  One such program is the Practical Nursing program.  Students have a two-step program option; they can either enroll in a one year of nursing study and sit for the LPN exam or they can complete an Associate degree and then sit for the RN exam.

Colby Community College – 1255 South Range, Colby, KS 67701

This is a leading community college that also happens to be one of the WIA providers for students who are eligible for services under the workforce investment act.  There is a two level nursing program available for students.  Some men and women will only complete the first year in order to begin working as a practical nurse.  Others will go on to level two in order to pursue a career in registered nursing.  Students will receive one hour of theoretic instruction to ever one hour of clinical instruction.

Highland Community College – 606 West Main -Highland, KS 66035

Men and women who are able to receive tuition help under the WIA, can certainly consider Highland Community College.  They are one of the top notch providers of these workforce services.  There is even a practical nursing program available in addition to their RN program.  Both programs provide students with advanced instruction in the area of nursing.  It takes hard work and dedication to complete these courses of study and then to sit successfully for national licensing exams.

Through The Job Corps

Flint Hills – 4620 Eureka Drive Manhattan, KS 66503 | (785) 537-7222