Free LPN Training in Rhode Island

A career as a licensed practical nurse makes it possible for you to make $40,000-$50.000 per year.  It can cost several thousand dollars to become an LPN.  This is an excellent investment but could be money you do not have.  You should take time to look for free LPN training options.  If you work for an employer who hires, LPNs, you should determine if they provide tuition assistance programs.  These programs are offered by many employers who wish to help employees train for a new career.  If you qualify for such a program you will need to agree that you will work as an LPN for your employer for a certain amount of time after receiving your LPN degree.  The employer will usually only pay for classes that you need for your degree.  In some cases, you can receive help paying for books and other related costs as well.

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Through Grant Programs:

It is always a good idea to apply for financial aid in the form of grants and work study.  A large majority of students are able to receive some level of help when it comes to their education.  There are always scholarships for which people can apply.  Some will be specific to nursing and others will be more general in nature.

Willard and Marjorie Scheibe – State Nursing Scholarship

This scholarship is for individuals who will work to obtain either an LPN or RN degree.  It is also made available to people who are hoping to achieve an advanced nursing degree.  An individual will need to be a resident within the state of Rhode Island if they are going to apply.  It is important to note that the scholarship is intended to help individuals who might otherwise struggle to be able to obtain their nursing degree.  Therefore a person’s financial need is one of the things that will be considered when they apply for this scholarship.

Edith M. Allan Scholarships

Rhode Island is one of the states with secondary institutions participating in this program.  The scholarship is for Students who are members of the United Methodist Church.  It is necessary for applicants to have been members for three years or more. It is necessary for students to have at least a B+ average when applying to receive the scholarship.  Students can contact the financial aid office if they need more details on how to apply.

Walter & Eileen Jachna Scholarship – Community College of Rhode Island

This scholarship is available to nursing students who have already completed 12 credits and more.  Applicants will need to be enrolled in 9 credits or more at the time of applying.  Students must be maintaining a 3.0 average.  There does need to be some financial need for individuals who are applying for this scholarship.  The financial aid office can assistant students with applying to receive this and other scholarship programs they offer.  It is necessary to complete an application for this scholarship.

Through WIA Approved Colleges:

Community College of Rhode Island – 400 East Avenue, Warwick, Rhode Island 02886-1807

The Community College of Rhode Island participates in the WIA program.  These programs are offered through the netWorkri Offices.  The programs are intended to provide tuition vouchers for training programs that will help individuals to obtain new employment by furthering their education or skills in some way.  The WIA is a good option for individuals who qualify for unemployment benefits or who are unable to find employment for some other reason due to no fault of their own.

Through Job Corps:

Exeter – 162 Main Street Exeter, RI 02822 | (401) 268-6000