Free LPN Training in Wyoming

It is possible to receive free LPN training if you are based in Wyoming and don’t have the necessary finances to pay for tuition. You can qualify for scholarships including the program offered though the Health Resources and Services Administration.  This program is to respond to the fact that many areas of the country, including areas in Wyoming, have critically low numbers of nurses. The program serves to provide tuition and related financial assistance for individuals who will work for two years or more in one of these areas where there is a serious shortage of nurses.

There are also other methods you can pursue to get free training to become an LPN. There are grant programs and a variety of tuition assistance programs in addition to scholarships available on a local, state and even federal level.  Some students have vocational rehabilitation benefits or veteran’s benefits for example.  There are also options to receive low interest student loans or to take part in work-study financial programs. When you evaluate all areas of your life, you will see that you can find ways to cover the cost of LPN training or to make the cost more manageable.

Continue reading to see options you can access in Wyoming or click from the list below to see options in other states.

Through Scholarships and Grants:

American Assembly for Men in Nursing Foundation Scholarship

This scholarship is for men pursuing careers in the area of nursing. It is intended to help encourage more men to join the field of nursing and to help those who do, to more easily pay for their education. The winners can receive $1,000 in scholarship funds.  The program is offered in conjunction with Johnson and Johnson’s program for the future of nursing.  Those who are interested in applying should visit the American Assembly for Men in Nursing Website to learn more about this and other scholarship opportunities.

Western Wyoming Community College – 2500 College Drive, Rock Springs, WY 82901

LPN students can apply for a range of college and private scholarships in addition to other options that a student finds though organizations and other sources.  The school provides a range of academic, performance and need based scholarships though their foundation and though outside funding options.  An example is the Craig and Susan Foundation which is to help at risk individuals to be able to access education in vocational and technical related program.

Caroline E. Holt Nursing Scholarship

The scholarship is offered though the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution.  Each year there are two deadlines.  The first is February 15 and the Second is August 15.  To qualify, a woman would need to be in a nursing program of study at an accredited school.  People can earn up to $500 to be used to help cover the cost of the training program.  Find applications though:

Through WIA:

Read more about WIA Assistance and how you can get free training opportunties through the WIA program.

Laramie Community College-1400 E. College Drive-Cheyenne, Wyoming 82007

Laramie Community College is one of the schools for which individuals can access some WIA benefits if they are receiving services under the Workforce Investment Act.  The school offers a range of healthcare related programs of studies including their LPN program.  This program will prepare students to sit for the PN-Licensing exam after completing all courses and practical experience clinical rotations.  A variety of other financial assistance benefits are available to students of Laramie Community College.

Northern Wyoming Community College District – 3059 Coffeen Avenue Sheridan, WY 82801

This set of community college options is among the Workforce Investment Act Training locations.  Students who wish to pursue a degree as an LPN should determine if they can receive help to pay for any of the needed classes though Northern Wyoming Community College.  This is a leading community college system in Wyoming.  As such LPN students will receive a competitive education and be led by well qualified instructors throughout every step of the nursing program.

Gillette Community College – 300 West Sinclair Gillette, WY 82718 | 888.544.5538

Gillette Community College is among the WIA education providers for the state of Wyoming and is also part of the Northern Community College System in Wyoming.  Students, who are going to work towards obtaining an LPN program, should find out what their WIA benefits would pay for.  Displaced workers can return to work by training for a career such as one as an LPN.  This career is one for which there is no shortage of jobs available.  In fact, sometimes there are more jobs than truly qualified applicants.

WIA offices in Wyoming:

You should get in touch with the office in your city to see which colleges offer WIA assistance. The above list is just a few that we found who are WIA approved, however check with the office with the contact details below:

Buffalo – Vocational Rehabilitation Outreach Chamber of Commerce | 55 South Main Street

Casper – 851 Werner Court, #120 | +1 (307) 234-4591

Cheyenne – Workforce Center1510 East Pershing Blvd. 82002 | +1 (307) 777-3700

Cody – 1026 Blackburn Avenue, #1 | +1 (307) 587-4241

Evanston – 98 Independence Drive | +1 (307) 789-9802


There are no Job Corps Offices located in Wyoming