Free LPN Training in Florida

Its not that difficult to find Free LPN Training if you are based in Florida. Some hospitals offer ‘earn as you learn” programs for individuals pursuing nursing careers including those wishing to become Licensed Practical Nurses.  These programs make it possible for individual’s to receive their classroom and clinical instruction while also earning a regular income.  Morton Plant of the Baycare Health System is one such hospital that has paid learning programs for nurses.  They do not always have openings and so it is a good idea to check with the hospital and others with paid learning programs often.  The programs are ones where a hospital works with a participating school to provide you with the classroom instruction.  The hospital is then able to provide the hands on experience on the clinical level.   It is important to ask how long you will need to continue working with the hospital if you have been considering one of these programs.

You can contact hospitals and healthcare providers in your area to find if any offer the earn while you learn programs.  Sometimes you might even find a program similar to this being offered through a home health agency.  This is something to keep in mind when looking for free LPN training.

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Opportunities in other States:

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We have listed below a couple of different options to find free training. We will add more options as and when we find out about new opportunities.

via Scholarships:

Florida Nurses Foundation – State Nursing Scholarships

Men and women who have at least one semester of studies in a nursing under their belt, can apply for this scholarship.  This scholarship is for individuals who are residing in Florida and who have done so for a minimum of one year.  It is one of the state nursing scholarships.  These are to help make sure that there are enough nurses to serve in the state. They also want to make sure that they have great applicants for the nursing programs.

Haitian American Nurses Association Scholarships

This is a program for students who are in nursing programs and are of Haitian Descent.  The student must be in a Florida nursing program.  They will need to write an essay explaining why the student wishes to become a nurse and discussing their goals in the short and long-term for their nursing career.  Applicants will need to have at least a 3.0 grade point average.  It is a good idea to give this scholarship a try if you can meet the criteria mentioned.

Achieving the Dream Scholarship

This program is for college students of Hispanic descent.  The student must be attending school full-time and it must be at a two or four year school.  Students will need to maintain good grades if they are going to apply for this scholarship.  An applicant is one who will need to write an essay providing details as to why they think hey deserve to win this particular scholarship.  The essay should be well written and really reflect the students goals and their interest in helping others though their education and careers.

Via WIA Approved Centers:

Brevard Community College – 1519 Clearlake Road, Cocoa, FL 32922

The Brevard community College is a WIA college offering workforce investment act programs and tuition help.  This school offers many training and degree programs including fast tract options.  Among these options is a practical nursing program.  The course covers twelve months of training and will provide all the background and experience that a student needs to be able to work successfully as a licensed practical nurse when they are working in the state of Florida.

College of Central Florida – Ocala, FL (352) 237-2111

This college has been serving the state and beyond for more-than 50 years.  At one time the school was known as the Central Florida Community College.  This is a public college offering great tuition prices.  The college continues to serve the area well by being a state approved WIA provider and helping individuals to be able to receive the knowhow they need and the certificate or degree to obtain good employment opportunities.

South Florida Community College – 600 West College Drive Avon Park, FL 33825

The SFCC offers many different educational opportunities for students of all age groups.  The school is able to provide outstanding education for students from throughout the state and the other area.  There is even an LPN program that is offered each year to students.  This is a competitive program and one that will take a lot of work and challenges.  Students should meet with an admissions counselor to learn more about the college and opportunities available.

Via Job Corps:

Job corps is a great place to start if you are stuck financially and really want to pursue LPN as a career. Job corps offices are spread around the state. There are a total of 5 offices and are located in: Gainesville, Homestead, Jacksonville, Miami and St. Petersburg.

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